10 Adorable Rare Baby Girl Names You’ll Love

Seraphina, derived from Hebrew, means "fiery" or "ardent." This ethereal name conveys a sense of grace and strength, conjuring visions of celestial beauty. 


This name, which means "fair lady" or "beautiful," exudes sophistication and romanticism, conjuring images of a charming, free-spirited person.


Calliope, inspired by Greek mythology, served as the muse for epic poetry. This name, with its melodious pronunciation, means "beautiful-voiced" or "epic." 


Elowen is derived from Cornish and means "elm tree." This nature-inspired name has a calm and earthy vibe, reminiscent of the subtle rustling of leaves. 


Marigold is a name that brings to mind brilliant, golden flowers and exudes warmth and joy. With English origins, this name denotes grace and elegance, making it an ideal option for a girl who would enlighten the world.


Celestia derives from Latin and meaning "heavenly" or "from the sky." This magnificent name evokes ethereal beauty and cosmic awe. 


Ophelia, who is of Shakespearean descent, oozes old-world elegance and poetic grace. This name, which means "help" in Greek, exudes mystery and depth, evoking the image of a girl with an enigmatic and sensitive spirit.


Esme, a name with French and Persian roots, means "esteemed" or "beloved." This charming name exudes warmth and affection, denoting a cherished and adored presence, making it ideal for your tiny bundle of joy.


Azura emanates calm and depth, inspired by the azure skies and ocean. This one-of-a-kind name, meaning "sky blue," exudes tranquility and serenity, making it an attractive choice for a girl with a peaceful demeanor.


Zephyra derives from Greek and means "west wind." This colorful and unusual name exudes whimsy and adventure, representing a free-spirited personality and a natural sense of wanderlust.


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