10 Patrick’s Day Nail Ideas To Get You in the Irish Spirit

Glittery Green with Luck

Start with these basic sparkling St. Patrick's Day nails. With two tones of green, green glitter, and a steady hand, this nail art is easy to do and looks great. 

Neon Green Four-Leaf Clover Nail

Neon Green Four-Leaf Clover Nail

This list includes many St. Patrick's Day nail art ideas with clovers or shamrocks. These vibrant green nails with a gold clover are lovely. 

Bead All About It

These are quirky and out there (the beaded statement nail texture may not suit everyone). These stylish, square St. Paddy's Day nails will stick out. 

Rhinestone Embellishment St. Paddy's Day Nail

These dark green St. Patrick's Day nails are stylish and understated while still expressing your Irish pride. The rhinestone decorations make you look rich. 

Lucky Horseshoe Nail

Whether you use decals or sketch them, March 17 nails with a lucky horseshoe theme are less common. 

Dots of Green St. Patrick's Day Nail

These nails call out to dot lovers. The design is more detailed and easy to make. 

Elphaba French Tip

Do not these nails resemble Elphaba? Whatever your opinion of the Wicked Witch of the West, these sparkly green nails are excellent for St. Patrick's Day. 

Chrome Specks for Luck

This St. Patrick's Day nail design works well with green chrome nail polish or decals. 

Dots of Luck

This dot design is more complicated than the first, but if you have a dot nail art tool, it may be fun. The result is fantastic. 

Checkered Luck 

This design is easy to do with a steady hand and uses attractive, cartoonish nail decals. A sweet, girly St. Patrick's Day nail. 

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