100 tiny changes to transform your life: from the one-minute rule to pyjama yoga

 Want to improve your health and happiness in the coming year without having to put in an excessive amount of effort.

 The following are some modifications that have been tried and tested and have the potential to lead to significant improvements.  

 One is yours. I did not set an alarm for the morning. It turned out that I didn't need to set one while the pandemic was going on.  

 Now, I only do it extremely infrequently. Consequently,,,

 I do not begin each day with the excruciating anxiety that comes from the alarm going off; rather.

 I wake up naturally, when I have had sufficient time to sleep. Neil Stanley, a specialist in sleep study ,,,

 Classical music being played on the radio as a second activity. I used to listen to the news while I was eating supper.

 but ever since I converted to listening to music instead, I get a lot less stress and a lot more happiness. New Orleans, United States, Anonymous.

 An artwork depicting a woman having dinner while gesticulating along with the news broadcast on the radio.

 In the evening, I abandon my phone in the basement. In its place, I decided to get a Lumie alarm clock to wake me up.  

 My ability to resist browsing through social media or the news late at night has been a great assistance to me.   

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