2 Zodiac Signs Are Super Empathetic On April 6, 2024

By the conclusion of today, April 6, 2024, two zodiac signs will be relieved that the day is over, as this is one of those times when we are urged to exceed our quota for how much we can take when it comes to being pushed around by those who purportedly 'love' us.

With Mars and Saturn's influence so strong on this day, we may notice that the individuals in our lives are acting oddly, or even a little too aggressively for our liking.

This may surprise us, and it may even turn us off if we don't take the time to learn how this transportation system works.

So, on this day, when the Moon is conjunct Mars and Saturn, we should take a step back and allow 'that person' do their thing and get it off their chest.

People become frustrated and take it out on others. There is nothing personal about how things are going on this day, but the two zodiac signs will experience it differently.

That is not to imply we should throw ourselves up to them as a verbal punching bag to which they may inflict blows, but it does mean we should not take what they say seriously. 

First and foremost, what you hear on this day, April 6, is not intended to offend you; nonetheless, your initial reaction may be that whatever was said was intended to cause you harm. Aries, take it easy on yourself; this is not the situation.


What you're about to do on April 6, during the transit of the Moon conjunct Mars and Saturn, is take everything too seriously. You will be unable to stop yourself since you are on a roll. 


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