3 Zodiac Signs Experience Greater Luck In Love This Month After The April 8 New Moon Solar Eclipse In Arie

If we can make it through the first full week of April 2024, we'll be on the verge of domestic bliss. This is because April begins with the Mercury retrograde, which we all fear so much.

That is why, for the three zodiac signs who will benefit in love in April, the reason for such success is getting through the retrograde, but only after the New Moon solar eclipse in Aries and Venus' entry into Aries.

Once we get past the April transit hump, we'll be free and clear from here. We have a lot of healing energy from node transits and Venus alignments throughout the month.

With Lilith being'very' present at times, these three zodiac signs will understand what it's like to dispute a topic only to discover that the argument draws us closer to our spouses.

We want to feel optimistic. We're sick of being captives to the negative, and for these three zodiac signs, it's time. It's time to make the most of what we have and restore the love. Fortunately, April provides love in addition to the showers.

There is no surprise here, Aries. You undoubtedly knew deep down that April would be a fantastic month for you in terms of love and everything else.


Taurus season is quickly approaching, and for you, it's always a reason to celebrate. You like the fact that you were born under the sign of Taurus, as well as all of its characteristics. 


While numerous transits benefit you and your loved one, the New Moon in Aries will be the catalyst for action. This transit serves as a reminder of why you're here, in this relationship.


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