3 Zodiac Signs Feel Mentally Stronger On March 21, 2024

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, we feel cognitively stronger than we have in months. We feel as if the things that once 'got to us' no longer grip us, which is a big epiphany that will occur if we are open enough to take the hint.

This is a wonderful day for three zodiac signs, especially because it reminds us that we are far stronger than any misfortune that may come our way.

In other words, on Thursday, we will conquer a significant obstacle, and it will mean the world to us that we summoned our strength and did the right thing for ourselves. 

This day brings us the Moon trine Mercury, and while this is usually a reasonably beneficial transit for three zodiac signs, this aspect will demonstrate that we are, in fact, the superpower that saves lives.

On Thursday, we "get it." What we resisted for so long now appears to be 'no big issue' to us, according to our new viewpoint. We can't see it any other way after we've seen it this way. And we see it as though 'it' is something we can overcome.

On Thursday, we will "get it." According to our new perspective, what we had previously fought seemed to be "no big deal" to us. We can't view it any other way after this. And we believe that we can overcome 'it'.


This is where the wisdom comes into play for you, Virgo, as the day's transit is Moon trine Mercury, and on Thursday, March 21, you'll be able to draw into that wisdom as you encounter a circumstance that may potentially knock you down. 


The Moon trine Mercury enters and instantly provides you with a circumstance that may have you laughing out loud since it is so absurd and pointless that you wonder why people waste so much time on things of little to no value. 


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