3 Zodiac Signs Get Lucky March 28 Love Horoscopes

Thank goodness we found a partner who likes unusual stuff. This really loving transit can help us achieve romantic success.

On Thursday, March 28, 2024, we can feel like we can go anywhere with this love. The courage to break the mold and do what we want.

For those of us who like to live truthfully and don't want to compete or compare ourselves to others, this transit will have us living up to our 'own' expectations, not others'.

This day honors rule-breaking lovers. Moon trine Venus and Uranus encourages us to set our own rules and bring luck.

You realize you are a prize and that if someone wins the lottery by becoming your partner, they have won. It may sound strange, but this is about self-worth. On March 28, when the Moon trine Venus and Uranus, your romantic partner will be shockingly aware of this. 


You probably have the love relationship you've always desired. Only you and your loved one know how hard it was to get there. But the labor paid off. 


Pisces love privacy. Your love partner's independence on March 28 will make you joyful. You feel almost happy today since the Moon's trine to Venus and Uranus makes you independent and ready to spend time alone without your companion.


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