3 Zodiac Signs May Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships Before The End Of March 2024

Although it may not seem like the most pleasant circumstance, the concept of literally breaking up with our lovers may become a reality this week for three different zodiac signs.

While it may not be what ultimately makes us 'happy,' we will learn that certain things simply have to be, and breaking up may be one of those'must-do' things.

During the Moon's opposition to Mercury midweek, we will come to our senses and realize that we must make this change. This romance has grown sour. 

While we continue to respect ourselves and our partners, we will reach an agreement that informs both sides that it is time to move on. And that's okay. That is the healthier option in this situation, and we are aware of it.

We may have wanted to continue in love, but we also understand that during transits like the Sagittarius Moon on March 29, we cannot deceive ourselves. 

You've surely had time to think about this. If you've made the final decision to terminate your relationship, you probably know what you're doing. You are capable of impetuous behavior, but not now. 

1. Aries

What you never imagined you'd let to happen is now something you want might happen sooner. Your relationship can't take any more, and you'd rather it dissolve than continue as a charade. 

2. Leo 

There is a method to your wildness this week, Sagittarius. Part of what brings about your healing is the realization that in order to get there, you must confront the problems in your life that keep you from achieving your victorious destiny. 

3. Sagittarius

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