3 Zodiac Signs Prefer To Date Casually On March 31, 2024

Now that March has come to a close, we can't help but feel compelled to prepare for warmer weather and nights out. There's something about April that signals to us that the seasons are officially changing, and we can either keep up or fall behind.

We don't want to be left behind, so we'll want to become engaged during today's transit of the Moon square Neptune trine Mercury. We want to be physically active and have fun. We want to be with someone who thinks similarly to us.

For three zodiac signs, we are considering getting romantically connected but not seriously. We're not ready for something serious right now. 

We are thinking about how we wish to connect with another individual during the Moon's composite transit square Neptune trine Mercury. 

We understand that if we are to engage in a 'light romance,' we must be forthright and honest with the individual with whom we would be engaging. This is where Mercury comes into play. If we desire a fling, then we need to say it straight now.

You don't consider yourself 'fling material' until you do. If there ever comes a time when you decide you want to do something with someone without having to fulfill some relationship goal, March 31 will be the day you determine that what you want is a fling. 


There's a good reason why you want to keep it light in your next romantic connection: you've just came out of a relationship that emotionally drained you.


By March 31, you're certain you don't want anything to do with heavy romance. This new season is about having fun, being a free spirit, and doing anything you want. 


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