3 Zodiac Signs Who Might Fall Out of Love and End Their Relationships When Venus Enters Aries on April 5

Three zodiac signs will feel 'the inevitable,' which in this case refers to a breakup that may appear to be long overdue.

We've come to realize that just because we were madly in love with the person we're still with doesn't guarantee a life full of love and romance.

With Mercury retrograde beginning the week on Day One, we know it won't be easy. Will we make it through intact?

Of course, we will, because there is so much potential for healing and useful self-reflection. We are not getting into anything here.

We've thought about it, and if the conclusion is that it's better for both sides to end the relationship, so be it.

It's that time, Gemini, and while you knew it would happen sooner or later, you'll see that you're putting your money where your mouth is.


You feel like you're so close to feeling good again, but the only thing keeping you from doing so is that you're locked in a relationship that should be over.


All you know is that April has only just begun, and you're already frustrated and angry with the person you're supposed to be in a love relationship with.


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