3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationship Becomes Exclusive On April 8, 2024

April 8 marks the New Moon in Aries, which brings with it the idea of being at a crossroads in our relationship. On this day, we have an option, and while it may or may not be evident to us, we'll see that we 'do' need to make a move.

 If the topic of the day is love and romance, then three zodiac signs can know this. This is the day we take our relationship'seriously', which we may have previously referred to as a fling.

We may have intended to keep things light or not become 'too' attached with the person we're with, but times change and so do individuals, and what we're looking at during the New Moon in Aries on April 8 is the thought that we've grown to love the person we've been casually relating to.

And that's how it starts. We take the opportunity. We can see that we now have a 'fling gone right,' so to speak. We are now ready to enter into what will become known as a fully committed relationship. 

Times change, and so do people, and aren't we all humans? Let's go with the flow here, zodiac signs. Let us be daring and go 'exclusive!'

You've kept love at bay for so long, believing that if you gave yourself over to it, you'd be hurt and regret giving so much of yourself away, but the way things appear to be going with this one person, you're having new thoughts, and those thoughts are about commitment. 


You've always been the type of person who wants a full-time, exclusive romance, and having a fling is merely something you do when you're looking but don't want to commit.


You make yourself laugh at times, Virgo, because you want to believe you're wild and free and that the only type of love you want in your life is the kind that comes with a fling, but on the inside, what you're truly yearning for is a long-term, exclusive relationship.


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