7 More Rare Bicentennial Quarters Worth $1,000–$20,000

A particular age of people may recall the 1976 year-long bicentennial celebration, during which the United States celebrated its 200th birthday and the nation was practically overrun with souvenirs, collectibles, trinkets, and other expensive items to buy.   

According to the Chronicle Collectibles website, the most valuable of the coins, a 1976-S Bicentennial Silver Quarter that arrived with an extremely good grade, sold for $19,200 at auction a few years ago.  

However, there are other bicentennial quarters that command high prices. Many others have done the same. 

According to the U.S. Mint, the majority of these coins were “clad,” which means that different metals like nickel, copper, and zinc are placed on top of one another like a sandwich.  

However, as Chronicle Collectibles pointed out, some of the bicentennial quarters had 40% silver. This is a significant difference as the silver coins are more valuable due to their rarity.  

The value of a coin is also influenced by its condition; coins in perfect condition get the greatest prices.  

Philadelphia (809,784,016 coins), Denver (860,118,839 coins), and San Francisco (11,000,000 uncirculated 40% silver coins, 7,059,099 proof clad coins, and 4 million proof 40% silver coins) were the three places where the bicentennial quarters were manufactured.  

The CoinValueChecker website lists seven other bicentennial quarters that have sold for more than $1,000:  

Sale price of the 1976-S Silver Proof Bicentennial Quarter in 2019 was $13,500. 

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