8 Best Nail Designs To Try In Summer 2024

This week's energy revolves about finding the balance between going forward and waiting calmly. Every event and connection will necessitate a different response.

According to Walton, "metallic accents—in shades of silver chrome, rose gold, and copper—over jelly nudes" will be one of the most popular new summer trends in 2024. 

Metallic Jelly Nail

Sometimes the most fashionable nail look is one that makes your nails and skin seem radiant. Minimal nail patterns and pale nail paints will look great this summer when matched with moisturized, clean cuticles and hands. 

Clean, Fresh Cuticle

Definitely. "The Russian almond nail shape is a variation of the classic almond shape but with a more pronounced, elongated, and tapered tip," Walton adds. Imagine a cross between almond and stiletto nails. 

Russian Almond Shape

Tell the eye-catching brights to back off. "This summer, soft and delicate pastels will gain popularity with baby pink, mint green, and soft lemon leading the palette," said Walton.

Pastel Nail Color

French tips will never go out of style, but every year, we find a fresh take on the classic to make it appear contemporary. What will 2024 bring.

Dripped French Tip

According to Walton, kitchy nail art, such as these lovely cherry nails, will reign supreme this summer. Feel free to customize this with fruits, charming insects, magic eight balls, or whatever you like.

Cherry Nail Design

Think of a beach. "Also gaining in popularity are ocean blues and greens like aqua, seafoam and cobalt blue, especially in a monochromatic fashion," said Walton. 

Aqua Nail Color

Walton expects that the puffy, 3D nail art trend, like the beautiful hearts above, will only grow this summer. It's important to inform your artist when scheduling an appointment for a more intricate nail design, so they can plan accordingly for timing.

Puffy Nail Art

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