A bandana-wearing hiker utilizes a bison as a photo prop in the chilly Yellowstone National Park.  

Much of Yellowstone National Park is still covered in snow, but that doesn't stop some hikers from taking uncomfortably close-up photos of the local fauna.  

Just a few days after the National Park Service (NPS) issued a warning about getting too close to animals for bucket list shots, a tourist was captured posing with a bison in the freezing circumstances.  

This latest event was reported online by the infamous Instagram account TouronsOfYellowstone, which calls out bad behavior in US national parks, frequently involving wildlife.  

Most Yellowstone roads are still closed to vehicles while spring snow-clearing works are ongoing, but they are expected to reopen within the next several weeks.  

Bike lanes opened last week between the park's west gate and Mammoth Hot Springs for bikers brave enough to weather the cold,  

but riders have been cautioned to take extra precautions near animals such as bison and elk, which utilize roadways as travel corridors when the snow is deep.  

Hikers should be especially cautious when coming in the spring because many animals will be protecting their young.  

Bison and elk are especially protective moms, and they are liable to charge anyone who get too close to their babies.  

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