Aaron Rodgers denies criticising Jimmy Kimmel but does not apologise.

– Aaron Rodgers, on "The Pat McAfee Show," refused to apologise to Jimmy Kimmel over remarks linking Kimmel's name to Jeffrey Epstein.

– Rodgers clarified he didn't accuse Kimmel but emphasised the seriousness of the allegations and urged against associating them with his name.

– The quarterback for the New York Jets denied accusing Kimmel of being a paedophile and distanced himself from such claims.

– Rodgers stated, "I'm not calling him one, and neither should you," emphasising the need to avoid making baseless allegations.

– ESPN, where Rodgers made previous remarks, disapproved, calling them "stupid and false." ABC, Disney's network, airs "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

– Kimmel, responding on his show, refuted the allegations and invited Rodgers to present evidence in court, calling the statements false and damaging.

– Kimmel affirmed his name was not on the Epstein list and suggested legal action to address Rodgers' claims.

– The controversy involves the intersection of sports, entertainment, and serious accusations, prompting public discussions and requests for evidence.

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