Aaron Rodgers denies he believes Sandy Hook murders were an inside job

Aaron Rodgers has disputed that he believes the US government orchestrated the murder of 20 children in the Sandy Hook school shooting.

The New York Jets quarterback has come under increasing attention this week after the New York Times revealed that he is a possible running mate for Robert F Kennedy Jr.'s independent presidential candidacy.

Leonard Pozner with his son Noah, who perished at Sandy Hook in 2012. Sandy Hook father Leonard Pozner on death threats: 'I never anticipated I'd have to battle for my child's legacy.'

Conspiracy theories about the shooting have existed for years but have been disproven. Parents of the victims have faced harassment from people who do not think the murders occurred.

On Thursday, Rodgers released a statement detailing his thoughts on the shooting."As I'm on the record saying in the past, what happened in Sandy Hook was an absolute tragedy," 

he said in a blog post. "I am not, and have never been, of the belief that the events did not occur. Again, I hope that we may learn from this and

other disasters to recognize the warning signals and prevent unnecessary loss of life. 

My thoughts and prayers are with the families affected, as well as the whole Sandy Hook community."

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