Elizabeth Taylor Said ‘I Do’ 8 Times — Take a Look Back at All of Her Husbands In Order

 The majority of the actress's life was spent in the spotlight, beginning in 1944 when she was barely 12 years old and made her major Hollywood debut in National Velvet.

 From then on, Taylor's credits poured in, including hits like Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf (1966), Cleopatra (1963), Giant (1956), and Cat in a Hot Tin Roof (1958). 

 (Did you know that on the set of Giant, she and Rock Hudson are credited with creating the chocolate martini,,,

  Along the way, she was undoubtedly the subject of numerous rumors and celebrity news stories, particularly regarding the men in her life.

 We don't find it surprising that Elizabeth, with her stunning violet eyes and gentle disposition, was involved in so many romantic relationships.

 There's no denying Liz never gave up on finding love, from her first marriage, which lasted less than a year, to her surprising decision to choose for her eighth husband.

 After sharing two aisle walks and an oversized engagement diamond from Richard Burton, Elizabeth's relationship with him may be her most famous romance; yet, each of her husbands had a unique love tale...

  For instance, Taylor was involved in a contentious love triangle prior to meeting Burton, having suffered a devastating loss.

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