‘American Idol’ judge Luke Bryan not surprised by Katy Perry’s exit

Luke Bryan has commented on Katy Perry's recent revelation that she is quitting "American Idol."   

In an interview with "Taste of Country Nights," the CMT Music Award winner acknowledged that he was not really taken aback by his colleague judge's revelation.   

"It wasn't a big surprise, I had heard rumblings that she was considering it," Bryan, who joined Perry and fellow judge Lionel Ritchie on "Idol" in 2016, said. "I think she kinda just got caught up in the moment with Kimmel and maybe announced that she was done.  

"It's been a good run with Katy, and she and I have developed a great friendship and to work alongside her, I mean, heck, I was there before her daughter was born, and now her daughter is three years old," he said.   

The "Fireworks" singer made an official announcement about leaving "Idol" in February when making an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."  

"I think this probably will be my last show, my last season for ‘Idol,’" Perry stated. "I mean, I adore 'Idol' tremendously. Although it has helped me sense a connection to the heart of America, I think I need go feel my own pulse."  

In response to a question about the other judges' reactions to the news, Perry said, "Well, they'll find out tonight!"  

The "Roar" singer left the show due to backlash during a contentious "American Idol" season, where she was called out for "mom-shaming" and "condescending."  

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