'American Idol' recap: Jelly Roll cries while grieving with juvenile competitor Mia Matthews.  

The Top 24 competitors on "American Idol" Season 22 have each made their case   

Top 20, and their destinies are now in the hands of the fans.  

On Monday's episode, a dozen singers went all out on stage in Hawaii after spending time under Jelly Roll's tutelage.   

As a result, the Grammy nominee became a fan of numerous "Idol" contestants, including a teen lad from Alabama who idolizes him: season standout Triston Harper.  

"Triston has the voice of a man who has endured a lifetime of pain," Jelly Roll observed. "And he's only 15 years old."  

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The rapper-turned-country artist also experienced an emotional trip when he connected with another of the season's teen hopeful  

Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie were not immune when Mia Matthews delivered a song in memory of her late father.  

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