Angelina Jolie Claims Daughter Vivienne, 15, Is the Family's Theater Fan (Exclusive)

The Academy Award winner told PEOPLE that her daughter was "a really tough assistant" during 'The Outsiders' Broadway musical production. 

Angelina Jolie tells PEOPLE that her daughter Vivienne is the biggest "theater head" in the family, even though she is producing The Outsiders. 

Jolie, 48, admitted that her daughter, who is 15 years old, was actively involved in the production at the new Broadway musical's April 11 premiere.   

The Oscar winner says without hesitation that the adolescent is their family's "biggest theater head" when questioned.   

Go for it. "Definitely Viv," Jolie says, and Justin Levine, who wrote the screenplay and composed the music for The Outsiders, agrees. 

As far as the mother of six is concerned, "hands down". "She'll give me the truth. "Did you not read the memo?" she'll ask. Doing this and going through this are necessities. 

She's been an incredibly demanding assistant, the actress says with a laugh. "She has an intense focus on it." 

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