Apple's latest sci-fi series is the psychedelic Dark Matter.  

Apple is continuing its sci-fi streaming run with the upcoming drama Dark Matter, about a guy who... kidnaps himself.   

The first trailer looks sufficiently trippy and follows a physicist, played by Joel Edgerton, who is "abducted into an alternate version of his life."   

The show follows him attempting to return home while traversing this new multiversal reality, which is powered by a large black box that he created.  

The nine-episode series is based on Blake Crouch's novel of the same name, and it stars Jennifer Connelly, Alice Braga, Jimmi Simpson, Dayo Okeniyi, and Oakes Fegley.  

It premieres with two episodes on May 8th, followed by subsequent episodes on Wednesdays.  

Dark Matter joins a growing array of science fiction on Apple TV Plus, which includes current series such as Monarch: Legacy of Monsters,  

Constellation, Foundation, and Invasion, as well as planned projects based on William Gibson's Neuromancer and Martha Wells' The Murderbot Diaries.  

Apple's latest sci-fi series is the psychedelic Dark Matter  

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