Attention Mac Users: New Issues Reignite After Apple's Bug Fix

Some Mac users are having issues with a new macOS Sonoma bug fix.  

Apple fixed several issues since macOS 14.4 with macOS 14.4.1 yesterday.  

The patch appears to have fixed those issues for some consumers, but others are reporting new troubles.  

Mac owners on Reddit say the upgrade bricked their Mac. “I installed 14.4.1 on my M1 Mac mini and only get the opening screen.   

NO login. I tried resetting and starting in recovery mode without success.” Another Mac user reported the same issue on Reddit.  

Others are still having hub issues, which the patch was meant to fix.  

One Mac owner alleges that the 14.4.1 update broke a Thunderbolt 4 dock that worked in macOS 14.4.   

The Reddit user stated, “I swear it was working great just before the update then I update and when I try to use the keyboard/mouse to wake from sleep, it doesn't seem to work,” but cycling the dock's power may have fixed the issue.  

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