Best Places to Visit in Canada for 2024

From the bustling streets of Toronto to the snow-capped summits of the Canadian Rockies, our northern neighbor offers a broad range of holiday locations that are stunning all year. 

 While the classic vacation standbys—Montreal, Vancouver, Banff, Niagara—are dependable for good reason, many people are seeking for somewhere less touristy, less congested, and less expensive. 

 Here's where this list comes in. We polled our writers throughout the country to find out which hidden-gem destinations they prefer. 

 They followed through. The next pages feature a mix of inspiring off-the-beaten-path vacation destinations.

busy small communities on the verge of big things, outdoor adventures with puffins and bison, excellent and diverse food on both coasts, and ambitious, province-spanning drives.

 News compiled this list of the top places to visit in Canada based on a variety of characteristics, including price, entertainment alternatives, and hotel and resort diversity, as well as user feedback and expert comments. 

Aside from adventure, Pluvio, an award-winning restaurant founded and operated by chef Warren Barr and his partner Lily Verney-Downey, is working to put Ukee on the map. 

During my visit, I really enjoyed the spring salmon with homemade wild rose teriyaki, grilled strawberries, dashi, garden nasturtium, and charred onion. Each dish was a work of art, accumulating

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