Biden may have problems getting on Ohio's general election ballot, according to the state's chief election commissioner.  

According to a letter obtained by NBC News, Ohio's secretary of state signaled Friday  

that the Democratic National Convention may take place too late for President Joe Biden to appear on the state's general election ballot.  

"The Democratic National Convention will convene on August 19, 2024,  

more than a week after the August 7 deadline to certify a presidential candidate to the office,  

Secretary of State Frank LaRose wrote to Ohio Democratic Party Chairwoman Liz Walters.  

In the note, LaRose goes on to add that the error can be corrected in two ways: either by moving up the Democratic Party's nomination convention or by persuading the Ohio  

state legislature to "create an exemption to this statutory requirement" by May 9, as required by state law.  

Biden chose not to appear on the ballot in New Hampshire earlier this year because the state's primary was held in contravention of the Democratic National Committee's  

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