Caitlin Clark delivers under pressure, assuring LSU's rematch in the Elite Eight. 

Caitlin Clark, the consummate entertainer, delivered the performance that the entire country had been waiting for.   

LSU in a rematch of last year's championship game. Clark and Angel Reese go toe-to-toe again, with only one advancing to the Final Four.   

"I believe everyone is really thrilled about it. Twelve million people watched this game last year, and it could be the same this time   

Lisa Bluder said after the Hawkeyes defeated Colorado 89-68 to advance to the Elite Eight against LSU on Monday night.   

"These are two really good basketball teams, and it's almost unfortunate they're meeting this early," Bluder said in a statement.   

The game peaked at 12.6 million viewers, but Bluder's argument is clear. Clark and Reese's trash talking and playmaking during and ahead of last year's   

The already significant interest in women's sports has increased enormously, and this trend has only accelerated this season.  

The fact that they will meet again in this year's NCAA Tournament, potentially for the last time for Clark and Reese, is a gift to all of us.  

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