Caleb Williams Breaks Silence On His Viral Outfit

Caleb Williams caught all of your jokes about his wardrobe while watching the USC women's basketball game on Monday.

Some teased Williams for his pink phone and painted nails, but he did not seem fazed by the discussion in this video released on X/Twitter by USC assistant athletic director/director of player relations Gavin Morris.

"White wallet, pink phone, transparent case, and clear nails. "Lips are pink, your girl loves 'em," Williams stated in the tape.

After his costume went viral, Williams did not face only criticism. Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network advocated for the projected No. 1 overall pick earlier today.

"I began seeing caveman Twitter come out with not just jokes, but real authentic opinions and diatribes about Caleb's personality and taste - being a problem and having red flags," Brandt told reporters. 

"Then I got really annoyed. I believe No. 1 because there's a large dollop of homophobia on top of it, and No. 2 because the picture of him at basketball became this pied piper of bad takes." 

"The most important qualities in a leader are being confident, being secure with yourselves, being bold and having everyone you're leading want to follow you," Brandt went on to explain. 

"Find any teammate Caleb has had across two major programs say one bad thing about Caleb, let alone that he's weird or eccentric." 

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