Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Next Career Move

In the years that have passed since Carrie Underwood became a country music superstar after winning the fourth season of American Idol, she has also become well-known for her exquisite red-carpet style as well as her tough workouts and fitness goals. 

Now, she is seeking to profit from the latter aspect of her career.  

The singer from Denim & Rhinestones ushered off the year 2024 by introducing an all-new SiriusXM channel called Carr-dio.  

This was her second SiriusXM channel after the debut of Carrie’s Country in June.  

From January 5 through January 8, Carr-Dio by Carrie’s Country will be available to watch exclusively on the SiriusXM app. 

Additionally, it will be broadcast on satellite channel 105. The purpose of this project is to provide fans with the ideal playlist to keep them going when they are engaging in strenuous physical activity.  

The channel features high-energy workout tracks, and Underwood has stated that the process of selecting workout songs for the channel is “all about just picking music that makes you feel good.”  

I prefer music that I can either get angry with or dance to; it kind of depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m doing at the time. 

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