Challenge Your Intelligence with This Optical Illusion: Find Cinderella in Seven Seconds Amid Many Alices in Wonderland!

Physical, physiological, and cognitive illusions are only a few types of optical illusions that you've probably encountered before.   

An optical illusion is a deceptive representation of an object, person, or scene that tricks the brain into perceiving it in a different way. 

They may be incredibly interesting and mind-bending.   

According to research, optical illusions are a subfield of psychoanalysis that elucidates the nature of perception.   

Every normal human brain has the ability to look at objects or images multiple times, each time producing a different perception. 

The picture where Cinderella is concealed among the several Alices in Wonderland is an example of such a creative artwork. 

You can't see Cinderella in the above picture because she's buried among all those Alices. There are a lot of Alices in the photo who look the same.   

With the hint "This time we won't need a shoe to fit perfectly to find Cindrella," the illusion dares viewers to uncover the concealed Cindrella.   

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