Chia seeds farming shows promise in Bagha

– Chia seed cultivation is rising in Bagha, Rajshahi due to low cost, high yield, and market demand.

– Chia, a nutrient-rich plant, thrives in sandy loam soil, sown from mid-November to early December, harvestable by March-April.

– Organic fertilisers recommended for optimal yield; production cost around Tk 12-15k per bigha, yielding 70-80kg, sold at Tk 800-1000/kg.

– Chia farming gains popularity among farmers for its profitability and simplicity; minimal pesticide use.

– Farmers like Sujon Ali report significant profits; cultivation costs around Tk 12-13k per bigha, earning Tk 80k.

– High local market demand for chia seeds at Tk 800-1000/kg prompts increased cultivation.

– Agricultural authorities support chia cultivation, providing guidance to interested farmers in Bagha upazila.

– Chia seeds offer various health benefits, including increased energy, weight management, and immunity boost, endorsed by doctors.

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