China: ‘The Boy and the Heron’ Opens to $73 Million in Five Days

Oscar-winning Japanese animated feature “The Boy and the Heron” grossed $34.9 million in mainland China from Friday to Sunday.  

Even more impressively, it grossed $73 million over five days. 

The Studio Ghibli-produced fantasy released in Japan in July and is soon to be streamed in many other countries, but Chinese fans loved it. 

Most Chinese films release on Friday, but “The Boy and the Heron” opened on Wednesday to capitalize on the Thursday-to-Saturday Qingming public holiday. 

According to Artisan, it made RMB248 million ($34.9 million) over the Friday-to-Sunday weekend. 

But combining RMB270 million ($38.1 million) from Wednesday and Thursday, it was the highest opening for a non-mainland Chinese film this year. 

On Sunday, many people's typical working day after the holiday, local data providers with daily analysis show a significant drop after a strong Friday and Saturday. 

A five-day haul makes China the film's greatest box office market. Before, it earned $60.7 million in Japan, $46 million in North America, $14.8 million in South Korea, and $12.3 million in France. 

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