Countdown to Total Solar Eclipse Approaches Mid-Atlantic Region

On April 8, a total solar eclipse will traverse the Pacific, pass through Mexico, the US, Canada, and finally span the Atlantic.  

When the moon passes squarely in front of the sun, the dazzling surface is obscured and the spectral remnants of the sun's atmosphere are visible.  

The exact alignment creates a narrow channel of totality where the eclipse can be observed in its entirety.  

The track's approximate width this month will be 71 miles (115 km). A partial eclipse can be observed outside the track, although the amount of the sun that is veiled decreases with distance from the track of totality.  

As the sun sets that evening, observers on Scotland's and Ireland's western coasts will be able to catch a glimpse of the partial solar eclipse.  

Mexico will see the total eclipse between 10.51 MDT and 12.32 CST; the US will see it between 13.27 CDT and 15.35 EDT; and Canada will see it between 15.12 EDT and 17.16 NDT.  

A web search for "eclipse track 8 April 2024" will yield information and maps.  

On March 29, 2025, there will be a partial solar eclipse that can be seen from London.  

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