Country Star Randy Travis visits Glens Falls for an intimate afternoon.

Randy Travis, a country music veteran and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, performed for a small audience in Glens Falls on Saturday afternoon.   

Kevin Richards, a well-known radio personality from 100.9 The Cat and 97.9 Big Country, hosted and emceed the Up Close and Personal interview series.   

Randy and his wife, Mary Davis, had two sold-out discussions (the first of which I went), providing an in-depth look at the legend's life and record.   

Assuming the two shows followed the same structure, Richie Phillips and Mark Pierre led us through a Randy Travis sing-along as a warm-up.   

They made us chuckle with "Puttin' Up Cones," a sly spoof of Travis' smash "Diggin' Up Bones," which was directed at DOT.   

"Yeah, I'm sitting on the Northway / In a slow construction zone / DOT cousin' the traffic / puttin' up cones."   

(I don't remember the exact lyrics they used, but you get the point.)  

Travis had a major stroke in 2013 due to viral cardiomyopathy. While he was able to relearn how to sing, write, and play, he eventually felt his disease had done too much harm and retired from singing and playing, limiting his ability to speak.   

Mary was by his side, helping him answer every question. But together, they expressed so much about his career, the importance of religion in his rehabilitation, and how they saw this challenge as a blessing.  

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