Departure from The Honest Company Announced by Jessica Alba Following 'the Ride of a Lifetime'

The Honest Company's Chief Creative Officer, Jessica Alba, is resigning. 

Alba, 42, announced the news in an Instagram post on Tuesday, April 9, after nearly twelve years with the brand. 

I am grateful to announce my resignation as Chief Creative Officer of The Honest Company, a position I have held for twelve years.   

However, I will persist in offering strategic guidance as part of my board responsibilities," Alba stated. 

Alba was the chief operating officer (COO) of the eco-friendly health and wellness company she co-founded in 2012. 

There would never have been an easy time to make this decision," the actress said, adding that creating the company was "a true labor of love." 

"Friends in Mommy and Me class" were the target audience for her pitch of "the first concept book," which she detailed. 

Writing of the company's meteoric rise, Alba said, "this journey has been the ride of a lifetime, one that only existed in [her] wildest dreams." 

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