Deshaun Watson Provides Update In His Recovery From Shoulder Injury

When Deshaun Watson's season-ending shoulder surgery was disclosed last year, it appeared like the Cleveland Browns were doomed. 

However, the squad rallied around Joe Flacco and went 11-6, making the playoffs.

With a new quarterback room and higher expectations in 2024, the Browns' $230 million man is updating fans on his health and sounding very optimistic.

"The situation is good," Watson stated on his "QB Unplugged" podcast (via The News-Herald). "We're in an excellent location, just where we need to be. We have plenty of time to build up throwing workouts and other activities, but everything is going well."

"As long as I'm feeling well and the doctors and [physical therapists] and everyone are on the same page, we're in a good spot," he told me.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski also shared his thoughts on what he has seen from his Pro Bowl quarterback since the rotator cuff injury.

"He's right where he is supposed to be, so I'd anticipate that he's throwing this spring with us," said Stefanski. "We'll meet him in April and continue with his therapy. 

Watson apparently tossed the ball for the first time last week. The Browns have gone 8-4 in his 12 starts.

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