Development of The Rogue Prince Of Persia From Dead Cells Is Announced; Release Date: May  

At the Triple-i Initiative exposition on Wednesday, Ubisoft confirmed speculations and unveiled the upcoming Prince of Persia game.   

Dead Cells studio Evil Empire is developing 2D action-platformer The Rogue Prince of Persia.  

The showcase featured a stunning cinematic announcement trailer and a gameplay portion at the conclusion to demonstrate the game's gameplay.  

As shown in the gamelay trailer, The Rogue Prince of Persia looks like Dead Cells and is stunning.  

A fictional Ctsesiphon, Persia's capital, is the setting for The Rogue Prince of Persia.  

"The Evil Hun commander, Nogai, leads a possessed army to invade the city.  

The show's description says players would play the Prince, who dies but is resurrected by a supernatural bola.   

"This magical device allowed him to take tremendous risks in his childhood to improve acrobatics and battle, making him a powerful warrior.   

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