Dodgers Julio Urias Lined Up To Opening Day Starter  

Before Monday's World Baseball Classic match, Dodgers lefty ace Julio Urias was dropped off the roster of Team Mexico.  

Following his throwing on Friday and the championship game lined falling on Tuesday, the two clubs decided he wouldn't line up to pitch again.  

In the end, it was irrelevant because Team Japan defeated Team Mexico in the Semi-Finals, and they will now play Team USA in the final. Urias will then depart for Dodger camp and return to the real world.  

In a Monday press conference, Dave Roberts discussed the strategy for Julio's return to action. He will be ready to start on opening day thanks to that game plan.  

The Milwaukee Brewers will be the opponent for the left-hander on Friday at Camelback Ranch.  

That would position him well for game one right now. It would be significant since it would be his first opening day assignment ever.  

There is interest from both parties in a long-term contract as Urias enters the final year of his Dodgers contract. It would be wonderful to give the native star a head start for the first game.  

Despite having a season worthy of an All-Star, Julio was passed over for a position on the National League squad.  

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