Does Taylor Swift Write Her Own Songwriting and Music?

Although fans are aware that Taylor Swift writes some of the most incredible and relevant music,    

many are curious as to whether she also writes the tunes. Everything you require is provided here.   

With the exception of a few live covers, a few of cover tracks, and two guest features along with different songs released by other artists,   

Taylor Swift appears to have written or co-authored every song in her catalog.   

Live renditions of Donna Weiss and Jackie DeShannon's Bette Davis Eyes and Stephony Smith's Big Star are two well-known songs that she did not write.  

Even after songwriter and frontman of Blur band Damon Albarn claimed in 2022 that Swift  ,  

"doesn't write her own songs," the Bad Blood singer responded with a clap of her own. Taylor Swift responded to Albran's LA Times interview    

would be released on April 19. It's highly likely that Swift will include the new songs in the setlist when the Eras Tour begins ,  

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