Drake removed, Travis Scott-linked companies, Apple stay on Astroworld complaint, judge rules.  

Astroworld Festival victims' lawsuit against Travis Scott's companies and Apple will continue, a court determined.  

ABC13's Houston Chronicle partners reported Monday's Harris County district judge judgment that reduced the civil lawsuit's defendants but left Apple and several of Scott's enterprises.  

Drake, a previously unannounced concert performer, was dropped from the case on Wednesday, court documents showed.  

The Canadian rapper told The Chronicle he wasn't involved in festival planning or management.  

The criminal inquiry grand jury failed to indict Travis Scott last June. They returned six no-bill rulings, preventing criminal prosecution.  

The large lawsuit is one among several filed after the 2021 NRG Park accident that killed 10 and injured hundreds.  

The medical examiner found compression asphyxiation killed the victims, including the 9-year-old. At least 300 people were treated at the scene, and 25 were hospitalized.  

Houston police released a final concert report a month later. At least 100 detective interviews, timelines, 911 calls, and officer narratives from that night are included in the study.  

According to several detectives contacted for the article, concertgoers at Scott's gigs often climb over barricades.  

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