Draymond Green Reveals Reason for Warriors’ Recent Struggle

This season, the Golden State Warriors' troubles have been evident. The Warriors, who were 36-34 and in 10th place on March 26, need to figure things out soon if they want to make the playoffs.

Fighting for a playoff position was unexpected for a club accustomed to winning titles. Draymond Green explained the Warriors' troubles this season, blaming bad habits.

"In this league, you have to win the games you're expected to win while also stealing a few that you shouldn't. But if you lose the ones you're intended to win, you'll have a hard year."

The Warriors are only a half-game ahead of the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Play-In Tournament standings. Golden State plays the Rockets on April 4, a game that might decide the season.

Following the Golden State Warriors' loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on March 24, which featured another blown lead, head coach Steve Kerr told reporters that he can't keep relying on Stephen Curry every game.

"We can't expect to just ride Steph game after game," Kerr told reporters after the defeat. "These past few weeks have been quite difficult for him. For the past 15 years, we've placed the franchise's burden on him.

Given their playoff success, it wouldn't be shocking if they went on a run, but given how they've played this season, it doesn't appear likely.

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