Due to unprecedented demand, Oppenheimer's IMAX 70mm run has been extended one again.   

Christopher Nolan's film Oppenheimer, about the Manhattan Project, has become a major success with premium cinema aficionados,   

drawing enormous crowds to IMAX screenings. The film has been so successful that its IMAX

run has been extended owing to great demand, with shows constantly selling out ahead of time.  

Oppenheimer was shot in the coveted IMAX 15 Perf 70mm format, which is only available in a few number of theaters across the globe,   

and they have obtained an exclusive extension of the film's showing 

It seems like you might be comparing "Barbenheimer" and "Oppenheimer," but the provided sentence is incomplete, and I'm not sure what specific advantage you are referring to. 

Could you please provide more context or information about the comparison you are making?   

This would help me provide a more accurate response.

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