Dune: Part Three is official, but perhaps first there will be a nuclear war.

Dune: Part Two twice following my first, somewhat unpleasant, 4DX encounter.  

The way the plot is presented in both films is something I've grown to love so far.  

The films in the Dune series don't feel like they were intended to be a trilogy or a multi-part plot, with the exception of the first movie's fairly sudden conclusion.  

The majority of the plot may be understood without seeing Dune 1 if you watched Dune 2. If you see both of them, it's much more enjoyable. Compared to the first film, Part Two has a much better ending.  

You get the impression that the plot is resolved, and although a second installment would be nice, it's not required.  

If you've read the books before, you probably anticipate a second installment. The story of Timothy Chalamet's character Paul Atreides is not over yet.  

The same holds true for Zendaya's character Chani as well as the other beloved characters. But once more, this is what makes Villeneuve's works so beautiful.  

They do not promise a continuation.  

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