Easy Riffs on the Classic Negroni

The original Negroni is one of the most easy drinks you can make; there are no complicated ratios to memorise, no tinctures or syrups to prepare ahead of time, and you don't even need a cocktail shaker.   

In truth, creating the perfect Negroni is as simple as selecting the best gin and using a single large ice cube to avoid accidentally diluting your cocktail.    

he base ingredients of Campari, vermouth, and gin combine to serve as a canvas for creative recipes, allowing this tried-and-true cocktail to easily transition into dessert mode   

Dante's Chocolate Negroni, or into a Espresso Martini hybrid, as with the Cold Brew Negroni. You may even create Negroni-inspired cookies   

The Negroni is infinitely adaptable. There's a variation of this legendary cocktail for everyone to enjoy, whether they're drinking or not.    

Read on for 9 must-try Negroni riffs.This wonderful, savoury variant on the original Negroni features nutty manzanilla sherry, black rum, and salty pickle brine.   

Fans of the classic Negroni will enjoy this tweak with Lillet Blanc and Suze liqueur.   

This tangy take on the classic Negroni embodies the essence of Hawksmoor's bustling New York City location.   

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