Eminem Asks His Biggest 'Stans' to Reach Out Before Documentary  

Eminem wants real “stans.”  

The “Lose Yourself” rapper posted on X (previously Twitter) on Wednesday, April 10, seeking superfans for a documentary about his life and career.  

Eminem, 51, said on the platform that he needed “stans” for an untitled documentary produced by him and Shady Films.  

The article contained a link to a “Stans Film” website and a fan survey.  

The documentary may be about Eminem's devoted fans, since the questionnaire asks, “Has Eminem or his music helped you through difficult times?,” Have you met Eminem? Do you collect Eminem merchandise, do art, write fan fiction, etc.?  

Participants must also post a one-minute video stating why they're the rapper's biggest fan.  

“Stan” is the star's 2000 song about an obsessive Eminem fan who goes too far. The song's title is become slang for celebrity obsessives.  

Whether Eminem will feature in the documentary is unknown, but he starred in 8 Mile, a 2002 drama partially based on his life.  

The actress posted an Instagram Reel on April Fool's Day teasing a surprise album release, which never happened.  

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