Eminem Lets the World Crumble for Cole Bennett's 'Doomsday 2' Video

A new Lyrical Lemonade/Def Jam Recordings video from All Is Yellow was released by Eminem. 

The 15-time Grammy winner stars in "Doomsday 2" with some appearances. Lyrical Lemonade founder Cole Bennett directed his fifth video from the January 2024 album. 

Behind yellow curtains, the 51-year-old musician raps directly to the camera to start the video. He goes backward while the vacant workplace comes apart without pause.  

Eminem, Big Sean, Swae Lee, JID, Cordae, Babytron, Denzel Curry, and others make cameos in the video. 

Eminem appears to target rapper-producer Benzino throughout the song. 

"What opposes Benzino? 'Go at his neck,' a giraffe-how? How can I hit something he doesn't have? Arm too short to touch his hands / When they're jumping jacks above his head "Eminem raps. 

In addition to Benzino, Eminem compliments Lyrical Lemonade founder and concludes with:  

“And that's why I'm back with Cole Bennett/ And I been at the level J. Cole been at/ It's Aftermath that I ride for ’til I die.” 

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