Ernie Hudson will star in horror film 'Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole'  

EXCLUSIVE: Ernie Hudson has signed on to star in the upcoming horror film Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole.   

Hudson will play Oswald Jebediah Coleman in the film. He is touted as a genius animator who has been imprisoned in a scary magical facility.   

The synopsis reads: After more than a century locked there, Oswald's come-to-life cartoon bunny is frightening, gruesome, and thirsty for blood.  

The film follows the main character, Art, played by Topher Hall. Art is the grandson of Hudson's character, Oswald. When Art and his brother,  

Evan, played by Yasha Rayzberg, who trained at The Ruskin School of Acting for two years and worked with Sam Henry Kass, writer on "Seinfeld" and "Arliss," embark on a mission to trace his family heritage,  

it swiftly becomes a bloodcurdling nightmare. They are transported to a world lost in time, cloaked in sinister Hollywood magic. The filming is scheduled to begin in the spring. Budget is approximately $4.5 million. Lilton Stewart III, a Missouri-born filmmaker, is directing.   

"I am excited to work with everyone on this production," he stated. "It's an incredibly creative and smart project."  

Stewart continued, "I had a very precise idea for Oswald's character and knew I wanted Ernie for this role from the beginning, since I've long respected famous cinematic legacy.   

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