Every home bartender should know how to prepare these excellent three-ingredient drinks.

It appears that there is a holy trinity in everything, from spirituality to cuisine.  

There are numerous acclaimed cocktail trios  

It turns out that having a nice base spirit or two is all you need to make something delicious.  

The three-ingredient cocktail is a wonderful creation that is both simple to create and flavorful  

When mixing with only three ingredients, you can obtain an astonishing level of depth if you plan your technique, ingredients, and ratios correctly.   

These are classic drinks that can be made in minutes and are perfect for any occasion, whether you enjoy rye whiskey or prefer something more tropical.  

We've created a list of classic (and modern classic) three-ingredient cocktails that are simple to prepare and don't require any fancy equipment.  

With only a few bottles and a few more components, you can create some amazing cocktails that will impress everyone.  

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