Ezekiel Elliott signs $24.9 million, fully guaranteed Cowboys contract.

On the dotted line is the signature. The Dallas Cowboys have signed rookie quarterback Ezekiel Elliott, the fourth overall choice in the first round, to a contract, according to multiple reports.  

Based on the most recent CBA, the deal has a guaranteed total value of $24.9 million spread over four years.   

The agreement perfectly conforms to the guidelines that CowboysWire provided after the draft.   

Our estimates were based on the earnings of the previous few fourth-round selections as well as the NFL's breakdown of rising base salaries and signing bonus plans.   

What we wrote on May 10, 2016 is as follows:   

A thought-provoking examination, provided by our friends at OverTheCap.com.   

Pre-draft, much writing was written regarding the benefits of starting a Top 5 running back in the modern NFL. 

The five years you get from a rookie deal (plus a fifth-year option) are the greatest years to actually have a running back at a premium cost, according to Jerry Jones, who made this hint during the team's press conference before the first round.   

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