Flaco, the renowned New York Owl, died for a cause confirmed by zoologists.  

– Flaco, NYC's beloved Eurasian eagle-owl, died from acute traumatic injury, likely from colliding with a building.

– Necropsy revealed haemorrhaging in the body cavity, suggesting impact on body.

– No evidence of head trauma or bone fractures; Flaco was in good condition.

– Flaco escaped a year ago due to vandalism; the zoo abandoned recapture efforts as he thrived in an urban setting.

– Further investigation planned to identify underlying health factors; tests for toxins and diseases underway.

– Nearly 250,000 birds die yearly in NYC from building collisions, highlighting the issue.

– Flaco was found unresponsive after the collision; pronounced dead shortly after.

– Zoo officials hope for prosecution of the vandal who cut Flaco's enclosure.

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