Former Michael Jordan teammate delivers LeBron James truth bomb: "No NBA player actually thinks LeBron is the GOAT"

"LeBron James is regarded as the greatest of all time due to his influence in the media..

"No NBA player believes LeBron James is the greatest of all time," Brown remarked. (5:17)

In the NBA, a team scores a point when the basketball passes through a hoop that is 10 feet high.

 But it doesn't end there; there are other ways to score points.

If a team scores a basket by throwing it from within 22 feet of the basket, they will receive two points.

 However, if the shot is taken from more than 22 feet away from the hoop, the team receives 3 points.

The court is marked with an arc that represents the 3-point line.

Furthermore, if a player is fouled while shooting within the 3-point line and misses the hoop, the team will receive two free throws, each worth one point.

If a player makes a shot while being fouled, he or she receives one free throw.

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