Friends of Flaco, the Central Park owl, are asked to be respectful.

– Birdwatchers in NY remind visitors to respect birding etiquette when observing Flaco, the escaped Eurasian eagle owl in Central Park.

– Some visitors hoot and hiss to attract Flaco's attention, prompting concerns among observers like Lincoln Karim.

– Karim emphasises the importance of respectful behaviour, urging people to refrain from disturbing the owl.

– Flaco's enclosure at Central Park Zoo was vandalised, leading to his escape in early February.

– Despite efforts to capture Flaco, he remains at large and has been seen hunting for food in the park.

– Central Park Zoo announces Flaco will be left alone for now, monitoring his activities closely.

– Zoo remains prepared to resume recovery efforts if Flaco shows signs of distress.

– Further updates on Flaco's status will be provided as necessary by the zoo.

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